About Kasa Hanaka

Greetings! I’m Aya Hanaka, and I’m delighted to introduce you to Kasa Hanaka, a cozy and aromatic Japanese Café located in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi.

I come from the beautiful town of Karuizawa in Japan, where my grandma Fujino shared with me her special recipes for traditional Japanese dishes like hayashi rice, udon, curry, shortcake, and many more. Using the same authentic recipes and fresh ingredients in Barcelona, I create these delicious treats not just for my family, but for you as well, adding a touch of Catalan flair to the mix.

The name “Kasa” means umbrella in Japanese, which reflects our desire to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere in our café. My last name, “Hanaka,” on the other hand, translates to the fragrance of flowers, perfectly capturing our mission to add happiness and beauty to your life.

We hope to see you at Kasa Hanaka, where you can enjoy a slice of Japan in Barcelona!


Adrià - Executive Chef

Adrià, our Executive Chef, is not only passionate about Japanese culture and cuisine but also highly skilled in adapting all the beloved Hanaka’s recipes.

He pays attention to every detail, making sure that each dish is authentic and delicious.

Natalia - Kitchen Manager

Born in Georgia, Natalia has a strong determination and enthusiasm for her role as our Kitchen Manager.

She has a sharp eye for detail and checks that every plate that comes out of the kitchen is of the highest quality.

Elisabet - Pastry Chef

Elisabet adds a touch of fusion to our offerings. A Catalan by origin and married to a Japanese, her love for Japanese culture and sweets shines through in her creations. With precision and passion, Elisabet crafts delightful pastries that beautifully blend influences from both worlds.


We invite you to discover

At Kasa Hanaka, we invite you to discover the diversity and richness of Japanese cuisine, beyond the typical dishes of Sushi, Ramen, or Tempura. Our Café offers you a selection of Hanaka’s family homemade dishes and sweets, with a hint of Catalan influence.

We follow the Japanese tradition of changing our recipes according to the seasons, so that you can enjoy the fresh and distinctive flavors of each time of the year.

Our dishes are not only delicious, but also made with care and quality ingredients. Come and experience a different kind of culinary adventure, where you can taste the essence of both cultures in every bite.

Our story began in 2020, when we opened a cozy Japanese pastry shop in Gracia. In September 2022, we moved to our new location at the Villa Urània Centro Cívico, where we are happy to be part of a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood.

Our café is located inside the Villa Urània Cívic Center, a beautiful old villa surrounded by green gardens and lovely terraces.

This historic villa was once the home of the famous Catalan Astronomer Comas i Solà, which adds a touch of heritage to our café’s atmosphere..

Planning a get-together for your special moments?

You’re in the right place! We’re here to assist you in hosting group reunions and events seamlessly. Choose from a selection of group packages that encompass delightful food, refreshing beverages, and mouthwatering cakes, all tailored to make your occasion truly special.

For more details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via WhatsApp.

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